Sunday, March 8, 2015

the heat of the battle ACA

hello peeps and liliputians,
If you are feeling kind of "small" in the vast sea of arguments of the ACA you are probably not alone.
There are more opionions that "solutions" since the ACA was passed with some trepidation. Please reference the link for a very comprehension article surrounding the ACA and the supreme court ruling.
Chief justice John Roberts called the ACA a "gun to the head" when he passed it as legit the first time around. Justice Anthony Kennedy is now "pointing" the gun at Justice Roberts. The ACA does seem to be a bit of a "hot potatoe" that no one really wants to deal with. ?  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has opened the argument with King vs Burwell and asserts whether challengers are actually being injured by ACA and have a legitimate case.
While I am not personally affected by the ACA I do find that the bill was passed in haste and in poor taste. For one thing, govt. healthcare programs have a tradition of failing and failing big! Medicare is an example of this , as Medicaid is also known to be inferior to private insurance. Why are we even attempting another "govt. healthcare program"?? ACA is not really affordable. I have heard cases where those who need it most are not benefitting. That premiums are going up rapidly and again, many are not current on payments. Just from the constitutional position, the first amendment would counter any legitimacy of ACA based on the govt. selling you a "product". You are forced to buy it from the govt. or pay a penalty. There is also the matter of "taxing" your healthcare plan offered by ACA. It seems to me that  the govt. has jumped into a money making scheme  on the backs of the poorest americans with a overtly fraudulent ploy of "helping" americans who can least afford healthcare. The govt. in my opionion has been overstepping the boundaries of the constitution to address a serious blight of healthcare with the bandaid of ACA. The fleshwound is deep based on the recession and economic insecurity and the superficial fix of ACA is definitely not healthcare reform but some other hokey pokey and trickery at its best.
Mitt Romney, you may remember , in his bid for the 2012 presidency, said he would repeal obamacare on day 1 of his office if elected. I really think the case for "repeal" of bad law is totally the way to go. We all realize that there are not sustainable jobs for many americans. Many of these same americans are without health insurance . This demand for Affordable care is real. There is no question. But what is the real problem with the healthcare industry today?  There is a huge rehab industry that is pumping up costs for the average American. There is the huge problem of the pharmaceutical profit that is responsible for the "overmedication" of America! There is the plastic surgery network that is driven by the Hollywood and film industry. Many have surgeries that are totally unnecessary to "mimic" the looks or features of a celebrity. Some with success , others with damaging results. (Does anyone remember Angelina Jolie's evil twin , the octomom!)  So on and on we go on the merry go round of "healthcare" and the elements of corruption that is all to evident to the high cost of healthcare. Lets not omit the hospitals and the charges of astronomical figures for the patient. The private healthcare industry has been assaulted by obamacare ACA. I know some that work for healthcare that were "confused", under "mismanagement" and are still in limbo about the exact services and delivery of those services when it comes to ACA policy. Our healthcare system seems to be deteriorating before us as private healthcare , is still the best healthcare and with the provider or doctor you choose. For anyone who knows about Medicare, you know it is a deeply flawed system with built in discrimination and corruption. Why would we even want another "govt. healthcare program"? It seems a bit redundant and with tax payer dollars flowing in all directions but never getting to the point of a better healthcare system. !  I've heard that the ACA already needs a bailout of tax payer funds.!! Is this good business?  If the private sector offered such inferior service they would be "shut down" in a heartbeat based on failure of practices and procedures.  In summary, I see the govt. growing bigger and joined with healthcare in a very unhealthy relationship. If there are no sustainable jobs to support people , their health, homes and mortgages and the people are living paycheck to paycheck or govt. check to govt. check with retired ,, disabled and others, I don't see how our nation, our govt. can possibly offer anything. any viable healthcare plan or ACA  unless our economy is revived. The priority of our lawmakers should be to create jobs for americans who want the American dream. Who have education and need jobs that uplift them and who will  have access to healthcare plans that are affordable based on private industry mgmt.
Our founders would never imagine how big and corrupt our govt. has become. Special interests groups are running the country and the general health and iq of our nation is at risk! we are a country in trillions of debt now as morality is left behind. Some of the tough questions that still remain and that have made healthcare unaffordable is the one about govt's role with reproduction, abortion and other invasions into the private lives of citizens. If we are honestly and succinctly talking about healthcare and the meaning of respecting life , should we be continuing to fund the mass killings of the unborn, the distribution of pills and birth control and the dark side of healthcare. ?  If we want more humane care for americans shouldn't we start there? with the first and fourth amendment issues? Govt is not our parent.. the elitest may think they know what is best for the "people" but this is a falsehood and unconstitutional.  If the govt is a is an unfit parent giving out dangerous drugs to poor women for birth control and doing just about everything an unfit parent would do. Can we trust our govt. then for affordable care when what we see is a "trashing" of America and our "constitutional freedoms'.  Im afraid the call of duty to find an "affordable" solution of healthcare for the poorest of the poor would have to start with "education" rather than "ACA" or healthcare. There seems to be a lack of fitness in our country based on the extremes of the economy. Of an emerging two class system and a socialist, Marxist overlay that is much like welfare dependency. You must argue for the American people to research their own solutions. To take action for their own healthcare needs and to remain independent of govt. controls and programs that fail . The govt has never had a program that works. we have committees upon committees of oversight at the expense of the American taxpayer, for programs that are ineffective. Healthcare is one of the biggest open sores of the American govt.  Maybe the question of "morality" is all to relevant to the discussion of the ACA.
The people , the fit people of this country, who are hard working, Christians, who have education and use wellness, fitness and prevention  are the ones most often paying the high cost of ignorance of others. It is definitely a morality issue. Why should those who respect life be punished with inferior healthcare services and products?  Why should those who practice healthy living be subject to paying high costs of rehab for others.  It seems there is a divide in our country and unfortunately the economy isn't helping. The middle class has been virtually disappearing and the 2 class system that is a system of failure, is un-American and designed to fail.  Unless the focus is on job creation and allowing small business to grow,  while giving people independence with their own decisions, healthcare reform is a non-issue.  The ACA may have been good in "theory" but in "reality" it is a nightmare for small business with red tape and for most of americans using it, it has proven to be a tangled web with more taxpayer money being used to bail it out. Can we get serious about healthcare? Healthcare starts when every American has an education on wellness and prevention. The exchanges for ACA also do not work for a simple reason. The states do not want the "high cost" to implement ACA when the federal govt. has failed to fund these exchanges. The majority of states have their own affordable health care insurances  and for this reason ACA obamacare should be repealed. it was an ill -conceived program that has all the inherent problems of other govt. healthcare programs like medicare and Medicaid. Can we all agree that a full time employment is much desired over finding cheaper and cheaper health insurance?  I haven't even discussed the part time employment and how many corporates are dropping healthcare plans for part time employees,  thus necessitating ACA . Walmart was a model for the ACA. Recently they have had shake ups with finding that the model isn't profitable or working for the corporate. The part time employees are now getting the benefits cut and there is a struggle for most. Other corporates have managers working endless hours with no benefits. The corporates are just failing to insure their employees altogether.
The corporate abuses go on endlessly and I hear new reports everyday. The American worker is at risk. It is an American tragedy!!  So in my final analysis I would request that the supreme court justices lay a foundation of humanity with regard to healthcare . Perhaps it is better to clean up the messes in the other govt programs like the corruption in medicare and Medicaid , before we start on a new ACA program that is already failing those who it was designed to protect. The rising cost of healthcare should be evaluated and the pharmaceutical industry should be the first on the list of reforms. Medications have become the "cash cow" for our healthcare system and without regard to the patients rights or health.
can we all just "get along"?
This is agent sparks "whispering something smells fishy"...
peeps.. the best remedy is prevention and wellness. Practice health. Use education and remove addiction behaviors that drive the cost of life and healthcare to its peak.!! . TLC is available.
I will never trust corporate healthcare or govt. to make my decisions for me.. Call me a loyal founding father advocate but I support a small effective govt. One that works and generates jobs for the people. A govt. that is governed by the majority , for and by the people. We must repeal obamacare aca now!  It is a mockery of justice!  We need govt. out of our healthcare and reproductive business. ! The heat of the battle is intense!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The valentine of all valentine legends *RJ vs SOG"

topic : romance of legends, romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
Hello lovers and fans,
the link will take you to Yidio where you can watch "romeo and Juliet" with tasteful abyss. There is a free trial so enjoy your "movie time" online.
As "50 shades of grey" makes it debut in theaters internationally and here in the usa, I think back to a time of romance that includes a 15 th century magic of one true love  and  star-crossed lovers. The story of Romeo and Juliet transcends time.  So politically poignant and so woven with tragedy, the story has grown more dazzling over time. At first reading of the play ,  in my teens, I could barely relate to the big screen debut yet Shakespeare could immerse the youth of the 19th century as easily as the youth of the 15th century with this classic story of love and unfortunate conflicting family politics. Who doesn't know someone who has suffered the same "fate" as romeo and Juliet. A timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet brings me back to a more pure, more noble, more innocent and more PG time.
in stark contrast is the movie just released " 50 shades of grey".. for older valentines I would assume.
I really don't know much about "50 shades of grey" except that it is  getting great response from the box office gods.. and that means big money for the valentines day weekend. I invite those who are anti-porn advocates to try a play (film) designed by a genius of his time, (William Shakespeare). He holds us captive in his expression of a "valentine" from the "heart". In his words, the 15th century comes alive.. the art, music and magic of the time with characters developed that will "steal your heart". The tension of the politics is high and the suspense weaves like a mideval tapestry . Good drama is hard to find even when movies made for tv, dvd or theatre  circulation are abundant and made in a massive "heartbeat". Have we all succumbed to "quanity" vs "quality"in  our  tastes and lifestyle or is there hope for the "classic poetic  tale"  of love and valentines of youth ?  Romeo and Juliet might have the title of  "20 shades of youth". ?  a youthful spirit of love that never dies but comes to life in a classic that spans centuries.  For me the "literature" is as important as the film and to be honest , I don't see the quality in films today , that are  generated for convenience and box office bling.
I see a huge split between the cerebral audience and the mc audience in our times of extremes and bankruptcy of souls.  I see some effort by leading actors more recently ,  to bring back the meaning of the craft and with great classics like "les miserables" , "noah" and others worthy of  mention.  Quality should never be replaced by Quantity. Quality craft and Quality substance of content must always reign.
Sometimes its good to escape the "madness" of tasteless ménage and rediscover the classics that have time honored tradition and worth. Quality , like character, is built on a solid foundation of cerebral interpretation and wealth of skillful expression. Today it is a numbers game of quantity, , not a quality masterpiece
of work, that is typically represented by Hollywood. films , meaning (ratings and profit driven not quality or talent driven).  I should review the films of our own  family film royalty, William lowman powell , In his epic  titles thetr were profoundly   meaningful roles with unlimited opportunity and with a cast of legends that any actor or actress would have envied.  William Lowman powell is a classic name in acting from the silent film era and whose career was well into the 1950's with "mr. Roberts" and other highlights of quality work.
I look forward to more classic tales and for independent actors and producers to bring more meaningful talent and films for the Audience of distinction. There is a demand for "classic" and "high quality".  Be sure to visit for more information on independent actor talent.
Jesse is the good news for industry professionals.
Happy valentines day ! More news of next big things for jesse will be posted.
be sure to support your local talent and independent filmmakers and actors.
je suis steel. agent sparks.. going solar and viral for projcentertainment quality.
we are entering the quality zone..

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Topic 2015 , america needs no "apology". trending politics

hello peeps,
its been 10 months since I last blogged my succinct heart out. I trust all of the peeps have taken various courses that are meaningful and 100% American. As we enter another year of trending politics, there are predictions and forecasts everywhere. January is officially the turn around month. so much happens as we gear up for another year of challenge and balance. I decided making the new years resolutions were a bit redundant and seeing an urgent need to focus on the economy of me.. well. you must first have your financial plans and ducks in a row.. What of those meaningful family businesses when corporate govt. is shutting down the American dream by way of bashing the middle class and families across America.. into smithereens... (smithereens).. is that word still in our dictionaries?  our neighborhood kids growing up..used it quite liberally .  well.. you get the point.
I can only disclose dirty little secrets of the last ten years in what I call the explosion of big govt. while the "individual" citizen is left traumatized by the loss of freedoms with respect to a once robust American economy and "dream" that was incorporated since our nations founding.  what was black is now white..what was up is now down, what had logic and meaning is now dysfunction and ridiculous and sometimes inhumane economies.
What I have witnessed in the last 10 years is the "superimposition" of a welfare dependent nation sucking air from toxic fumes of unfit and corrupt leadership, wiping away the once healthy economies that supported our families and small business. The middle class has been replaced by the dirty little secret.. dls, of cheap labor and really what we have left is a two class system that is breaking down our American culture and making life so adverse, sooooo extreme and sooooo hopeless that my America barely resembles the once proud nation I remember as a youth growing up Fairfield in all its glory! everyday I see more govt. , bigger govt., telling americans what to do.. how to live, what to sacrifice, and yes more govt. invasions of our private health and data.. and ultimately I think this "communistic and Marxist " takeover of our country is the most damaging and shameful all at once!  Obamacare has proven to be yet another failing program like medicare , that was a sucker punch to anyone trusting Obama.. meaning the young and very inexperienced bought in and now are victims with rising premiums and disappointing realities.  People , People,, People.. unite and do not be victimized again when selecting your new president 2016.  We must return to sanity in this country, where criminal elements are not running our govt. and destroying the fabric of America and the American family..  We cannot have a welfare dependent nation to enjoy credibility as we once did as a superpower, supercharged, superdriven nation of fit peeps. The sad story is all around us as in one year , my life and im sure the lives of many who read this, have been on a roller coaster and with "finance" the key word. The most illuminating topic for me, I can say with confidence , has been to take charge of my personal economy and go forward with my plans for small business yet the playing field is hostile. I choose to blaze through unchartered territory with extreme energy and with abandon , to get closer to the "dream" I have burning inside me. It refuses to be extinquished by the liberal far left or by the fanatical radical right.. It is that middle ground, middle America, American dream that I recognize within my spirit.. and what has burned without ceasing , that continues to give me momentum and drive to reach out , reach up and reach within. Americans should not apologize for America. We are the home of ideals and illuminatti secret societies. we are the inventors and innovators that have benefitted mankind.  we are the authors of "equality" and the words that resonate "all men are created equal". Don't sell out peeps.. we are still the best country in the world!! I am saddened to hear that Mitt Romney will not be running for president in 2016 because I feel he had his finger on the pulse of America... not once but many times and its because he "cares"..and is genuine about rebooting the American middle class an small business engine. His resume proves he is the man.. and the leader America needs.. but now it will be a "cat and mouse" game to see what GOP candidate  will rise to the top. Who will grab the interest of the downtrodden troops of America.. who will peak our relevance in the years ahead and who , will have the confidence, conviction and yes..."faith" to lead thru dark times. we are not out of the woods yet  and by all appearances America has many demons to slay to regain our once brilliant system of small , efficient and fit govt. with a commander -in-chief who can relate and give deserving justice to our brave men and women in uniform fighting a global war on terror.
first of all the commander -in-chief , must recognize the subtle yet twisted terror that is growing like a cancer worldwide and call it as it is.. Terrorism.   I am not a politician and quite honestly I think the best running govt. is one that is running locally in our communities with fit people.  When the villiage is comprised of villiage idiots, its time to take a closer look at what govt. is really doing not for the peeps , but actively doing with policies that damage the peeps. 
my hope lies again in the americans who have resilient family ties and strong history , to take back America and infuse it with the life-saving energy that we need to move through the first century of the 21st century! 
Business as usual will not meet the challenge. We need a proactive leader who will take the responsibility seriously and perhaps start with the pro=life and culture of life message that is the core and heart of our countries foundation. the profound belief that every life is sacred and every citizen with inalienable freedoms. We have traveled a long way from the simplistic yet meaningful constitution that our founding fathers so artfully mastered with visions that have transcended the ages.  What America needs.. is a Rennaissance!! We need protection for the middle class and to eliminate poverty in the years ahead.  A two class system has never been successful throughout history. it has only underscored the elements of slavery and abuse. Corporate abuses seems to be running rampant and I have a few personal stories, a few personal tragedies and a few dirty little secrets I could relate to you. . We have all suffered personal tragedies in recent years. Some of us.. have suffered for decades.  The moonscape of our country is calling for us, the peeps, to wake up and to take a stand!!
will you join us!! creators, musicians, authors, actors, artists, small businessmen and women, town leaders and community organizers. homeschooling parents and educators,  all who are competent and fit.. will you join the American family that holds a mission of  "self-govenance" to be the rule and not the exception. That every American know his or her relevance to our country's founding and identity.. and to contribute your very best for a safer, healthier, ethical , intelligent and efficient governing body. Question authority peeps!! its our only hope to bring the standard of success back.. do not be sheep to slaughter or misguided and victims of powerful agents of un-American campaigns. There are peeps who care.. its a matter of study and your candidate research. America is the only country in the world , founded on ideals that produce success , pursuit of happiness and every man as equal , with justice for all. We must take back our courts and authority. We must all be on our Agame.
no tragedy that has befallen us is worse than our neighbors . we have all suffered. Half of the country without jobs.. the elderly without opportunity, many giving up on job search all together,  young bright grads who have no jobs and no way to repay student loans,  a president who is passing out benefits to illegal aliens and free services to them, without a blink of conscience to those americans who have been deserving of jobs and a secure future who have been denied. in my opinion, we are creating a "new poor class" replacing the middle class and much education and excellence is being devalued with a system that mimics the welfare dependent model that failed.
ah...the solution.. its not another superbowl game , though we have rallied behind the nfl as Americas sport and representative of our struggle and lives. What we can all agree on is that we are all fighting battles everyday that are enormous, unnatural and dysfunctional. only the strongest "survive" is something that has gone from a page to a daily to my daily evolutionary mantra. Does it come down to this?  hand to hand combat?  It may and we best be prepared and have at least a president who will be focused on uniting our country and rebooting our fragmented economy . While I have optimism that there is a leader in our "midst" and that leader will be a "moses" to lead us out of the desert, my highest hope is that it will be a leader of character and substance who will be the "public servant" that America needs for revival and renaissance. !!!   2015 is here.. and I am ready to rummmmmmble!  I am now working with govt. offices for justice long delayed. Family has rallied to support me  and I have a great honor if not duty ,  to fight for my freedoms and represent the American Christian homeschooling family.
while this edition and topic of 2015 is not a prediction or psychic forecast , it is meant to encourage all of you peeps to go forward and make your claim ! take back your freedoms and the first step is to vote.. for a man or woman,  with a reputation that is fitting of the highest office in the country. We need a leader who can lead based on true identity with our country and even has served in our countries military. Who would be better to be a public servant than one who knows how precious our freedoms are. ?  keep thinking peeps... don't give up.. and jesse and I will be announcing some news coming soon..on the blog.. 2015.. small family businesses are about to begin with policies that can produce success and job security.!
happy super bowl weekend..warriors..
be safe, have fun and remember we celebrate all those who have overcome challenge and inspired us.!!
thank you jesse for inviting me to blog on your succinct news!! it has been my pleasure.!
agent sparks.. reporting from ct.
btw ct. "the constitution state".

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

nuclear family dynamics and god particles

Hello travelers of open and free space,
I am here on the guest blog timeclock.. of the universe. To blog or not to blog.. its a question of passion. ?  First of all, let me say that my nuclear family is like the "heart beat" of my life.The heart, home and hearth could be viewed as the "central nervous system" of the family unit and of course the heart and brain are features with thriving life. All of the members in a nuclear family have distinctive roles of meaning and all have function, that like molecular activity, they  bounce off of each other for feedback and emotional security. Lets say the family of nuclear worth, is dimensional and even a "science".. all parts must work or the unit goes down.. Just as if you had a car and the sparkplugs were not working, the engine would cease to operate. So is it.. with a family unit. As family members  we are all equally important in our function and relativity.  To be sure , the challenges of todays economy, the added adversity, the blackhole corruption that pervades, the stealing of identities and destruction of our family units by way of hardship, addictions, courts and divorces and other plagues, have all eroded and in some cases destroyed the family.  Everything attacks our tender beginnings in a world of terror and senseless crime against innocent... Like the soft earth in spring vs the glass and steel of our industrial world colliding with the holistic paradigm. Our hearts and familiar roles are rendered weak and inadequate in the face of a current that takes us downstream to a world that does not value the family or life or our identity. the rapids that carry us down in swirling and turbulent force, empties us into a superficial existence . Though we thrash and swim against the current...the dark forces wish to drown us with the confusion of identity and rip us from our roots . It is a stuggle, the struggle of man, to walk the walk and self-govern and gain recognition for his role.
my family, is the heartbeat of my life. I am a snowflake with individual content, no two being alike.
Though I travel and discover, it is with the knowledge that I belong. That I have siblings who can feel some of the journeys bliss , having shared a domain. The family home and heart and hearth , where we had common ground and grew into our own separate and different creative networks.. yet there is a day , when we can all come back home. In spirit , in mind and in concensus. We can realize the important from the trivial and use discernment in our judgements . We are free to evolve.. but nothing can ever take the place of your nuclear family.. and the energy of love that is poured out there.. No one will ever love you.. like your mother or father. You come to find that lesson later in life.. when they are long gone .  Motherhood , parenthood, brotherhood, sisterhood, fatherhood, all make the nuclear family work like a well oiled machine.. and love is the grease on the wheels .. squeaky wheels as they may be. well... nuclear.. nuke it.. love it..  Its your unique dna and family . our mutual experiences  , our love , our academics , our gifts all mingle and tingle to the warm and fuzzy climax in our family homes , where we are who we are.. a family of substance , that cant be rusted or busted through time. Our brains hold those sentiments and memories like the belly of the whale that  held Jonah, safely through the journey back home, on the shore. Never wanting to give up the secret, like magicians we hold on.. longer and see the magic in our lives of struggle. The magic when creativity ignites and what was a challenge becomes easy.. what was cold is hot.. what was unpopular is now the craze!! family, who knew.. it would become Americas institution of love and strength against a govt. that is too large and seeking to destroy the security and identity of every free person.  I have faith and trust in American families.. not the govt.  Freedom echos in our hearts and homes as we are forever god particles shimmering in the sunlight.  We take pride in our family unit.. traditions and private homes. We are the American family.. tested by the tests of steel..  Family by family, we will take our country back. The might of the family unit is undisputed . my family is the heartbeat of my life. Now.. here and now..Be the god particle in your family. Keep the code of ethics and never regret a day that passes.
in closing, I cannot compete with "in the shadow of the badge". It is the brain child of my son, actor , jesse cannella. You must visit the you tube link posted here on the blog and see the next big cop drama everyone will be talking about!! we are hoping for a feature film.. Please spread the word!!! Jesse will be coming with fresh content.. and powerful , meaningful creativity . I am fortunate to have a son so bright and so sensitive , the actor in the family taking his family history to  heart and adding a layer of professionalism to our own film history god particle, William lowman powell.  When illumanatti comes knocking.. open the door to fame!
This is a special blog for jesse as he travels the universe to greater challenges. His destiny is in the stars!
God particles unite.. Its a journey of a life time!
stay tuned *****************************
agent sparks.. reporting for duty.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In the Shadow of the Badge

A trailer from Ron Ten-Eyck's masterpiece (thank you YouTube):

More information available on Jesse Cannella's website:

Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Peyton Manning deserves this more than anyone...

a tribute to a legend.  enjoy...

and in local news, Penn State hires James Franklin to take over for Bill O'Brien as head coach of its football program:

and as macaulay culkin like to tell Joe Pesci in Home Alone ~  do u guys give up or are ya thirsty fo mo?  OK let's do it then,

and den…

Eddie Rocky Rivera Knocks Out Bullying

Slow down Eddie, one hit at a time…   ;)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Harrah's Resort and Casino - High Rollers Suite

Time 2 celebrate the New Year in style…  Harrah's and Borgata, a perfect combo.

See you at the hotel room.

9pm table time.  R U ready for the high stakes?  We drop stacks on 'em   ...

What can you do with 24 hours in A.C.?  I can think of a couple of things!
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